Rock Sawing and Rock Grinding with Vibration Monitoring

Matthews Contracting have a range of Rocksaws available to suit machines from 1.8 tonne up to the 27 tonne. All Saws operate with very little vibrations for delicate sites also minimising the impact on neighbouring properties. Rocksawing produces a clean cut which assists with stopping any debris falling down.

Rock grinders are also available for our excavator range between18-27 ton. This is great for final trimming of floors or minimising vibrations.

Reduced Vibration

Our grinding attachments shred the rock and do so with reduced vibration, perfect for excavations that require minimal environmental impacts. Grinders are also a very effective for tight or difficult spaces.

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ROCK-SAWING-&-GRINDING_03Diamond Rock Saws

These diamond Rock Saws are the perfect tool to use in hard rock material such as sandstone. They slice through the rock leaving smooth, clean edges with less noise and minimal virbation.

ROCK-SAWING-&-GRINDING_07Precision Rock Cutting

This site required multiple cuts to prepare for a Multi-storey home in Vaucluse, NSW.


ROCK-SAWING-&-GRINDING_10Precision Boundary Saws

As the name implies these boundary saws are fantastic for cutting boundaries with the outside edge of the machine. The offset extension enables precise vibration free boundary cuts on a verticle wall or side of a trench.

ROCK-SAWING-&-GRINDING_14Detailed Excavation

Detail excavation using our Saws creates smooth, safe walls with very little noise or vibration. Less noise and minimal vibration makes our saws ideal for operation in heritage or sensitive areas.


Rock Removal & Safe Worksites
Rocksawing not only reduces noise and vibration when removing rock, it allows the operator to make clean, stable cuts into the rock reducing the potential of falling debris or shrapnel from the rock face, creating a safer work environment.

We have a variety of Rock Saws which provide fast, efficient and precise cuts in rock and concrete, leaving smooth walls ready for your builders.


Rock Sawing – Large to Small Projects

No holes too big or too small. We can excavate and cut rock for a range of differing shapes and sizes as required for your project.

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