Piering/land clearing

Our Augers have the ability to drill through clay or rock to a depth of 9 metres in the following diameters:

  • 300 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 450 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 750 mm

Our Augers use specially designed cleaning buckets to remove spoil from the bottom of pier holes so that concrete can get a clean seating direct to rock that eliminates sinkage and the possibility of cracking in the supported building structure.

Our piering operators have extensive experience in this field and effectively manage any ground water leakage issues which may arise.

Land clearing

Does your property need a tidy-up? Do you have rubbish or vegetation that needs removal? Matthews can remove these for you and have your site left neat and tidy.

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img-4Piering in Rock

House piers and foundations, our drills not only drill through soil and clay but also rock for those difficult job sites.

img-1House Piers and Foundations

This photo shows our 27 tonne excavator auguring 9 meter deep holes for house foundations. Our range of machinery allows us to drill on angled properties and difficult access.

img-3Pier and Shot Crete Retailing Wall

300mm – 750mm diameter piers.

These Shot Crete retention systems allow properties to be excavated, leaving a heavy-duty wall in place, reducing any risk of collapsing and disturbance to neighbouring properties.

img-2House Piers

This photo shows another example of house piering, where the structure is supported above ground level.

img-5Vegetation Mulching

Mulching attachments fitted to the end of our machines can mulch vegetation and trees like they weren’t even there. This is a cost effective way of opening up or trimming up your land. This can come in useful when clearing for driveways!

img-6Land Clearing

Land clearing is a great way to have your property looking neat and tidy. We can also import VENUM material to increase ground levels.

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