Whatever your excavation, from bulk rock removal to detailed construction footings

Whatever your excavation project is, Matthews Contracting manages all sizes and levels of complexity with our wide range of Machines from; the smallest Excavator starting at 1.8 tonne, to the largest at 27 Tonne.

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Excavator Attachments

We also offer a variety of Attachments to choose from such as: Augers, Grinders, Demolition Shears, Rippers, Hammers, Rocksaws and many more: See our Plant & Equipment Page for more information on our excavator attachments.

Experienced Operators

We employ only experienced machine operators, who have been trained in all types of excavation works from bulk excavations to more difficult projects such as those requiring detailed foundations and plumbing trenches.

EXCAVATION_03Difficult Access or Confined Spaces

Does your site have difficult access? We can operate in even the tightest excavation spaces. This detailed excavation work was carried out with our smallest excavator model the 1.8 tonne.  Perfect for those difficult rock cutting projects or digging trenches.

Location: Mosman.


Detailed Excavation

If you would like a neat and tidy site detailed Excavation can be provided for you. We offer excavator attachments such as rock saws to suit many sized machines, which will have your site looking neat and tidy – ready for your builders.

Location: Pittwater

EXCAVATION_10Precision Site Cutting

This project called for a 22 tonne excavator and Rocksaw attachment to get those clean edges cut into to the site in preparation for development of a new home.

Location: Terrey Hills

EXCAVATION_14Bulk Excavation

A range of various sized excavators used on this site here for excavation of dirt. This step site required the machines to pass up material numerous times carrying up to the load out area.

Location: Newport.


Rocky Terrain
Have rocky or difficult ground? We have a variety of Machine Attachments for even the toughest ground. This image shows our 27 tonne excavator with the XR30 Xcentric Ripper preparing the site for development of unit blocks. The Xcentric Ripper is a great tool for this type of rock breaking as it is more productive, quieter which means less time required on site.

Location: Elanora Heights


EXCAVATION_201Hard Rock Removal

A 6.0 tonne excavator and hammer attachment was used in this project with very minimal vibration breaking up hard rock, leaving a clean rock face to prepare the site for builders.


Our equipment including the Xcentric Ripper is gaining popularity with councils for roadworks and trenching due to high productivity and very minimal noise and vibration which is great for heritage listed properties or noise restricted areas. It is seen here widening a dangerous curve in a road on the Central Coast of NSW.

Location: Gosford

EXCAVATION_19_23CAD Technology

Our estimators use the latest CAD technology to accurately assess and plan your project.

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